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Slax 5.0.7 (1 cd)


v 5.0.7 Standard edition (29th of January 2006) The most important changes: - using 2.6 Linux kernel with support for many SCSI devices - added KDE 3.5 and Xorg 7 (is the same like 6.9) - added squashfs 3.0 support, should be backwards compatible with 2.2 - added newest unionfs 1.1.2, which fix many bugs but causes the following: - uselivemod doesn't work well, needs some fixes in unionfs. Nevertheless - you're still able to include downloaded modules in SLAX CD, this works. - configrestore is untested but should work. Details: - based on Slackware 10.2 +current, added KDE 3.5, added Xorg 7 (6.9) - added Slackwares 2.6 testing kernel with SCSI support! - added ACPI modules directly to linux kernel (power button support) - added knemo to KDE (kde network monitor systray icon) - added portmap for NFS networks - added autoexec= boot option to allow execution of something instead of login. use eg. autoexec=startx (instead of former "gui" boot argument) - added nosound boot option - added newer memtest to linux live scripts and slax - add libvorbis and libogg to popcorn edition. required by many games - fixed rc.S, it now tries to remount read-only root filesystem to rw - fixed floppy boot parameter (rc.slax) - fixed uselivemod startup scripts (replaced SETUP## by SCRIPT##) - fixed bug in crashing kicker on kde logout - fixed the situatuin when mounting loop device confused mntall - fixed mntall to properly add comment for swap devices - fixed fstab-create to preserve lines added manually (which doesn't have special #comment) - flash plugin didn't work for regular user because of wrong permissions - updated rc.* scripts in slax because of changes in Slackware - updated hotplug blacklist because of changes in Slackware - modified copy2ram function to copy only used .mo files to RAM - all .a files are now stripped with -g option (removing all unneeded debug) - removed gui boot option, you can always do autoexec=startx - ppp package moved to core.mo (so ppp can be even in Frodo Edition) - rp-pppoe package moved to core.mo (so pppoe can be even in Frodo Edition) - kbd package moved to core.mo (so it's in Frodo too) - using modules on the fly (uselivemod) doesn't work correctly in this release, nevertheless including modules in SLAX CD works good.

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