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ReactOS 0.2.9 (Installer + Live) (2 cd)


Generic 0.2.9 Changes * New icons from our UI:mf * Add option to not install bootloader for Bug 961: suggest to make it easy for other people that do not want install freeldr. (Magnus Olsen) * Survey of all references to Windows and replace with ReactOS in user visable text where appropriate. Bug #910 (Magnus Olsen) * Too many MSVC compile fixes to list them all (Steven, Ged, Royce, Brandon, Christoph, Brezenbak, others) * Sync up sprintf.c with swprintf.c. They both do the same except one is the wchar-version, so they shouldn't differ in other parts." by Elrond * VBE.sys TotalMemory is in number of 64K block not 16K block see VBE 2.0 or 3.0 specification (Magnus Olsen) * factor out .inf file handling code and put it in a separate library (Gé van Geldorp) * Improve Freeloader compilation speed and remove lots of code duplication. * Update NDK to 1.0 and fix all required FIXMEs for release. * Write .inf files for ReactOS drivers. (Hervé Poussineau) * Install automatically drivers for detected devices. (Hervé Poussineau) * Add a network class installer (netcfgx.dll, used when installing network cards). (Hervé Poussineau) * Add a display class installer. (Hervé Poussineau) * Add Tonga timezone (GMT+13:00). (Eric Kohl) [edit] RBUILD * build system now automatically detects msys instead of requiring user to set env variable. (Royce Mitchell) * build system does version check of Make up front - gives clear error message if running incompatible version of Make (Royce Mitchell) * build system now allows parallel builds (different makefile.auto and different config.xml) (Art Yerkes) * build system now allows conditional modules (Art Yerkes) * Implement linkerscript element and element. (Casper Hornstrup) * The separator (slash or back slash), exepostfix and exeprefix are initialized from environment variables. The separators in the path for the system command are always converted for the host system. Our own build utilities must convert paths itself (bin2res). (Hartmut Birr) [edit] Translations * Full Hungarian translation and initial keyboard layout added * Full Japanese translation by tsk email [email protected] * Added Polish translation of explorer by Kokodin * Greek translation by Apal (Apostolos Alexiadis [email protected]) Bug 967 * French translation by bulio * Greek Translation by Apal see bug 994 * Many Spanish Translations by samchaly_at_hotmail_dot_com

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