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Tutorial: Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies (1 cd)

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Welcome to Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies. This book outlines plain-English, wireless-network hacker tricks and techniques you can use to ethically hack 802.11-based wireless networks (yours or someone else’s if you’ve been given permission) and discover security vulnerabilities. By turning the tables and using ethical hacking techniques, you then have a leg up on the malicious hackers — you’ll be aware of any vulnerabilities that exist and be able to plug the holes before the bad guys have a chance to exploit them.

Wireless networks are popping up everywhere. They provide a lot of freedom but not without cost: All too many wireless networks are left wide open for attack. As with any other computer or network, you must be up on the latest security concepts to properly secure 802.11-based wireless networks. But locking them down involves more than just port-scanning testing and patching vulnerabilities. You must also have the right security tools, use the proper testing techniques, and possess a watchful eye. And know your enemy: It’s critical to think like a hacker to get a true sense of how secure your information really is.

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