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BackTrack 4 R2 Nemesis (1 DVD)

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Offensive Security has announced the release of the second respin of BackTrack 4, an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring a collection of security tools for digital forensics and penetration testing: "Yes, the time has come again -- for a new kernel, and a new release of BackTrack. Code-named 'Nemesis', this release is our finest as yet, with faster desktop responsiveness, better hardware support, broader wireless card support, and streamlined work environment. The run down: Linux kernel with a much improved mac80211 stack; USB 3.0 support; all wireless injection patches applied, maximum support for wireless attacks; a revamped Fluxbox environment for the KDE challenged; Metasploit rebuilt from scratch, MySQL db_drivers working out of the box; updated old packages, added new ones; new BackTrack Wiki with better documentation and support..

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