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Untangle Gateway 8.0 x32 (1 CD)

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distribusi linux berbasis debian yang sangat cocok untuk digunakan sebagai pc gateway/pc router. pengaturan mudah via webbased. Dirk Morris has announced the release of Untangle Gateway 8.0, a Debian-based network gateway with pluggable modules for network applications: "The 8.0 is now available! It contains a new Bandwidth Control application and many platform enhancements. Changelog: added ability to import/export rules and settings in tables; new 'Session Viewer' to view sessions currently being scanned; sessions now shown as stat at top of rack; DNS is now bypassed by default; new kernel for additional features required for Bandwidth Control and QoS; new ExtJS toolkit for UI; new QoS implementation for more functionality and better usability; added the Bandwidth Control application for bandwidth and traffic shaping; added Bandwidth Monitor for real-time session viewing; Bandwidth Control reports for viewing bandwidth usage on the network....

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