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Real Basic Reference & Tutorial (1 cd)


kumpulan tutorial dan referensi untuk belajar Real Basic di Linux. Dilengkapi dengan contoh kode langsung praktek. Mudah untuk dipelajari sendiri. Sangat mudah dipahami oleh pemula!

The REALbasic Tutorial comprises a series of practical lessons for learning REALbasic. The lessons are structured so that they can be completed in an average of 30 minutes or less. Since the material in each chapter builds on the previous one, you should plan on working sequentially through this tutorial. During the course of this tutorial, you will use REALbasic to build a complete application. You will build a text editor application that is similar to NotePad, the text editor that is included with Windows or SimpleText, the text editor that ships with Mac OS X. Using REALbasic, you will be able to compile the application for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. You will quickly learn to appreciate REALbasic’s power and ease of use. For the entire application, you will only need to create about 200 lines of programming code.
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