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Superb Mini Server (SMS) 1.5.2 (1 CD)


Superb Mini Server (SMS) is a Slackware-based server distribution with web, DNS, DHCP, file, print and fax servers, iptables firewall, mail server with spam filter and anti-virus scanner, and BitTorrent station. It also includes Webmin, a web-based administration tool, but no graphical desktop. SMS, which comes with Slackware's text-mode system installer, is built using Linux-Live scripts (from Slax) and can be used as a live CD for testing purposes.

Superb Mini Server Superb Mini Server 8.1 is a Slackware-based distribution for small servers. A new release, version 1.5.2, was announced earlier today: "Superb Mini Server version 1.5.2 released (Linux kernel This minor release clears the name of SMS to Superb Mini Server and brings new graphics and logos. Some packages upgraded and two new packages added, hfsutils and Tcl. In this release we switched to Postfix with no vda patch as the default MTA for SMS. A version with vda patch is available in SMS.Native.CD. NDISwrapper, dahdi-linux and iptables_l7 rebuilt for new kernel, don't forget to run LILO after the upgrade. A brief changelog: kernels upgraded to; upgraded to Dovecot 1.2.12, CUPS 1.4.4, Postfix 2.7.1, MySQL 5.1.48; added Tcl 8.5.8; bootsplash kernels upgraded; Openbravo upgraded to 2.50MP18; optimize Netatalk configuration; added lost cURL 7.20.1 package

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