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StressLinux 0.5.111 (1 CD)


Carsten Schöne has announced the release of StressLinux 0.5.111, a small, openSUSE-based live CD designed for users who want to test their system while running on high load and monitor its health: "Release published (0.5.111). The base distribution is now openSUSE 11.2 with additional drivers for r8168 and r8101. The packages stress, bandwidth, x86info, smartmontools, BusyBox, sensors and stressapptest were updated to current versions. This release includes RAID utilities for different hardware RAID controllers, these include: tw_cli, arecacli, hpacucli, megacli, mpt-status and lsiutil. Wireless networks should also work better with this release. sl-wizard includes an entry for direct sensors-detect start-up.

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