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The Remote Exploit Ultimate 2006 (1 cd)

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The remote exploit ultimate 2006, is a huge collection of latest remote exploit, local exploit, on many platform. aix, asp, bsd, hp-ux,irix,linux,multiple,novell,osX,QNX,sco ,solaris ,tru64 ,ultrix ,unix ,windows. the cd contain all source code of the exploit, with a description how to use and run it. All administrator, all people who love network and security, must have this cd.

some examples: Yahoo Messenger Remote Exploit, Windows XP/2003 Metafile Escape() Code Execution Exploit (meta), BlueCoat WinProxy 6.0 R1c (Host) Remote Stack/SEH Overflow Exploit, SCO Openserver 5.0.7 (termsh) Local Privilege Escalation Exploit, Linux Kernel <= 2.6.11 (CPL 0) Local Root Exploit (k-rad3.c), MS Windows 2k Kernel APC Data-Free Local Escalation Exploit (MS05-055), SuSE Linux <= 9.3, 10 (chfn) Local Root Privilege Escalation Exploit, Solaris 10 DtPrintinfo/Session Local Root Exploit (x86), Wireless Tools 26 (iwconfig) Local Root Exploit (some setuid), Mac OS X 10.4 launchd Race Condition Exploit, Solaris 9 / 10 ld.so Local Root Exploit (1), MS Windows (LegitCheckControl.dll) Genuine Advantage Validation Patch, and many many damn exploit! :)

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