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Access Point 2.4GHz Engenius ECB-3500 600mW

900,000 Rp.789,980 (maaf kosong)

Chipset Atheros, 2 antena, support superG 108Mbps. Access Point / Client Bridge / Repeater / Router, AP+Bridge. Support Multiple SSID.

High 600mW Wireless Power * Ensures robust signal to overcome long distances * Offers superior WiFi coverage than leading brands Multi-Functional Device * Offers multi operation modes for different network topologies * 7 Modes: Access Point/Client Bridge/Repeater/Router/Client Router/WDS * Flexible solution for various wireless applications Multiple Wireless Names (AP mode) * Broadcasts multiple SSID’s in one device * Permits different levels of network access (VLAN Tagging) Dual High Gain Detachable Antenna Design * Features Antenna Diversity technology to enhance wireless traffic * 5dBi antenna for wireless power up to 2000mW EIRP * Upgradeable antenna to increase range and receive sensitivity Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) Technology * Facilitates bandwidth priority for VoIP, video streaming, online gaming Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af) Capable * Power and data over one single cable for convenient installation SuperG 108Mbps Support * Enables high transfer speed ideal for large data payloads (with SuperG Client)

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