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ShepherdPup 09-25-09 (1 CD)


ShepherdPup is a compact freely distributable tool for Christian evangelism. Focusing on bible study and personal evangelism, it can be easily remastered by individual evangelists or groups to suit the needs of community outreach.

The center piece, "pBiblx", is much like a dashboard connecting the user to several key integrated on line and offline study aids, resource links, news and radio sites. The initial package (92 megs) contains the King James, King James with Strong's, Spanish Reina Valera, Naves Topical, and several miniature topical aids. The self booting CD (120 megs) also contains 24 other installable public domain bibles and commentaries found in the /extras/ folder including various English, French, German, Dutch, and more ; plus Latin Vulgate, and Greek Septuagint translations (more are on their way).

To be used for personal study, for church kiosks/class labs/coffee shops/wifi centers, home bible study groups/conferences etc.. and more importantly for copying and distributing to family/friends/community.

ShepherdPup is a Puppy Linux derivitive built from Puppy Barebones 4.1.2 for reliability/compatability and contains:

# The Opera (Web/Email/Chat/RSS Browser) - Chosen for its "OperaShow" presentation component. # Flashplayer - (Used by Opera for GodTube etc...) # MPlayer - For Multimedia # Didwiki - For additional note taking and study collaboration # pBiblx-0.1.7 - Bible Study Aid/Dashboard # pBless-0.1.7 - Parallel text widget with plugins for OperaShow/HTML/PDF generation. # iconv - For UTF-8 conversion # (see barebones 4.1.2 for other standard apps like psip voip) # (A wide variety of apps can be installed by the user - Abiword/OpenOffice etc...)

Offline Public Domain Bibles: ASV, BBE, DBY, DRB, ESC, KJV, SEPT, VAL, VUL, WBS, WEB, YLT, ALB, BAHASA, BARU, CEB, DAN, DUTCH, FIN, FRE, GAE, GRKM, LAMA, LUT Offline Public Domain Commentary/Reference: NAVES, MHCC, RWP, Strongs Greek, Strongs Hebrew Integrated Online Bible Resources (via biblos.com): AKJ, ASV,BBE, DBY, DRB, ERV, GWT, HEB, KJV, LBLA, NASB, PNT, TNT, VUL, WBS, WEB, WEY, YLT, GSB, JFB, KJT, MHC, MHCW, SCO, TSK, WES

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