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Macpup Foxy 3.0 (1 CD)


Johnny Lee has announced the release of Macpup Linux 2.0, a variant of Puppy Linux with the Enlightenment 17 window manager, attractive artwork, Mac OS X-like user interface, and extra desktop applications: "Macpup Foxy 3.0 is based on Puppy Linux 4.3.1 (Linux kernel It includes all the updates from the 4.3.1 service pack and has all the applications from 4.3 plus Firefox (updated to 3.5.4) and GIMP 2.6.3. It also has D-Bus 1.2.16 and Sakura 1.2.3 compiled and installed from source. The Enlightenment 17 window manager was also compiled and installed from source. You can also use JWM, use the exit menu to change window managers. Please note that not all the options in the e17 system shutdown menu work with Puppy Linux - that is why the exit menu was added. The battery module in this build of Enlightenment 17 had a problem of maxing out the CPU, so I removed it from Fox 3.0.

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