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Linux Games: UrbanTerror 4. 1 FULL (1 DVD)


Game bergenre FPS - First Person Shooter, model mirip kayak Counter Strike, bisa buat game online dan dalam jaringan. Map lengkap! Selain jalan di gnu/linux bisa juga jalan di windows dan Macintosh. Program tersedia dalam cd lengkap. Urban Terror is a modification for Quake 3 that attempts to capitalise on the success of Counter-Strike by bringing some of the elements in it over to the Quake 3 engine. In addition, it offers several new gameplay styles which provide gamers with a much more flavoursome variety for their gaming.

Being developed by a group called Silicon Ice Development, Urban Terror originally saw life a few months ago upon release of the first beta. This had a fairly lukewarm reception; gamers were moving away from Quake 3 teamplay games in favour of Counter-Strike and it failed to really impress.

The interface is very well designed and makes it simple to both get into and manage your setup and in-game actions. Experienced Quake 3-engine gamers and people coming to it for the first time will have no problems in getting everything up and running. The most important aspect of the game is of course the gameplay. Urban Terror offers several gameplay modes - Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Team Survivor (which is basically the Counter-Strike gameplay style), Capture The Flag, Capture & Hold, as well as Follow the Leader, which involves having a player that is designated as the leader and a scoring system based around keeping your leader alive. In addition to the varied gameplay styles themselves, there's also a few unique elements throughout the game. A complex damage system is included, which allows players to be damaged in various body parts all with differing effects. For example, if you're shot in the leg, you can no longer run around and are forced to limp. Additionally, you start bleeding from your wounds (varying levels of blood loss depending on where you are wounded). To stop the flow of blood, you have to bandage your wounds, which requires you to find a quiet spot. Whilst bandaging, you can't shoot, so you're very defensive. There's also a stamina system in place, which prevents players from sprinting non-stop all around the place. Seasoned Quake 3 veterans will notice that you can still strafe jump to get extra speed, but only in very short bursts, because it uses up your stamina supplies very quickly. Being injured also causes permanent stamina loss. The weapons continue the trend of CS to use realistic weapons and items; there's a variety of sniper rifles and submachine guns to choose from. Another cool feature is you can carry a primary, secondary and even tertiary weapons (depending on what item load you choose), so you can be running around with an assault rifle in your hands, a submachine gun slung over your back, and a pistol in the holster. At first glance it might seem like excessive firepower, but its actually a good balance and it makes the gameplay all the more exciting. Less time spent running around reloading and hiding, because you have another alternate weapon to pull out and use. There's a few items which are useful as well - night vision goggles, which makes it much easier to spot targets (in fact a little too easy). Silencers and laser sights are also options, as well as a medikit and extra ammo containers. When a player dies, they drop all their weapons and ammo on the ground - gamers still have the option of dropping their weapons and picking up new ones. New ammo can be scavenged during the game - many times gamers will wander around maps looking for more ammo for their primary weapon. Probably the only thing that most people will find a negative about the game is the graphics. While some of the textures are really excellent, the models and animations aren't quite as good as the ones in professionally produced games (such as Counter-Strike). This hopefully won't stop stop too many people giving it a go though; the gameplay is really quite excellent. Counter-Strike players should also remember that CS went through seven betas before it got to its current level of excellent graphics; hopefully Urban Terror will pick up a following and encourage more work to be done on this modification. Already though the few servers around Australia that are running the mod have been full all day; many people are jumping on just to test it out and are finding themselves playing it for hours at a time.

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