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Gentoo Linux 10.0 T (Ten Years!) (1DVD)


Edisi spesial 10tahun dari distribusi linux Gentoo! Matthew Summers has announced the availability of a testing release of Gentoo Linux 10.0, a special 10-year anniversary Gentoo live DVD: "In honor of Gentoo's 10th birthday, we are producing a new live DVD. We need you to test it on as many x86 and x86_64 machines as you can and post bugs. The x86-x86_64 live DVD will work on x86 or x86_64 processors. If your architecture is x86 boot with the default 'gentoo'. If your architecture is amd64 boot with gentoo64. The AMD64 live DVD is for amd64 only. So give us a hand by testing like crazy and posting bugs and we'll have the greatest live DVD ever." The very brief release announcement contains no technical information, but the live DVD comes with Linux kernel 2.6.30, glibc 2.9 and GCC 4.3.2, and boots into KDE 4.3.1 by default (GNOME 2.24 and Xfce 4.6.1 are also available). It can be installed to a hard disk

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