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Bran 1.0 B1 Bacula-based backup server (1 CD)


Distro khusus untuk pekerjaan backup data otomatis dalam jaringan. control panelnya webbased, dan sangat mudah dan simple dioperasikan dengan fitur canggih. Bran's main goal is to provide a special Linux distribution to organize backup center of your organization. Just after a very simple install procedure you will have a ready to work server. You don't need to worry about implementation details of backup process. We are providing to you a very simple and high level interface.

Here are some key features of "Bran": Deep integration between bacula and other system services. Little examples: · IP address of your machine, even if it was given by DHCP server, will be automatically written to bacula director config as StorageAddress parameter. · If you change a server name in web interface, you will · automatically change both hostname and director's name. Very simple interface. All complicated work is hidden in background. Little examples: · If you add a new client, then a client definition, a schedule definition, a job definition, a pool definition and a fileset definition will be automatically created. · If you clear client's backup, then all current client jobs will cancel and client's pool will be cleared.

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