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Parted Magic 4.5 (1 CD)


partedmagic Patrick Verner has released Parted Magic 4.5, a small Linux live CD designed primarily as a hard disk partitioning utility: "This new version of Parted Magic updates the graphical server X.Org, expands networking, improves RAM usage, and fixes some bugs. To combat some of the problems associated with the newer versions of X.Org and Intel chipsets, Parted Magic offers driver versions intel-2.4.1, intel-2.5.1, intel-2.6.3, intel-2.7.1 as boot options. There is a new PPPoE option added to the 'Start Network' program. RAM usage has been significantly reduced for the 'Default settings (Runs from RAM)' and 'Live with low RAM settings' boot options. The default option only requires 192 MB, from 256 MB in version 4.4, to completely run Parted Magic from RAM. The biggest gain was with the low RAM option because that now only requires 48 MB to run.

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