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Puppy Linux 4.3 (1 CD)


Barry Kauler has announced the release of Puppy Linux 4.3: "Puppy Linux version 4.3 released. Highlights: Linux kernel configured for SMP (multi-processor) systems, with support for the ext4 file system and patched for Aufs2; Internet by dial-up - the kernel has drivers for many modems, including Agere, ESS, Lucent, Conexant, SmartLink, PCTEL and Intel chipsets; Pstreamvid - a great GUI for playing Internet TV; JWM theme maker; Psync - synchronises the clock to an Internet time server; SQLiteManager - a front-end for SQLite and an add-on to SeaMonkey; Hiawatha - a very small and extremely secure web server to serve CUPS, PPLOG and QUISP pages; a screenshot utility based on mtPaint, but with a very basic GUI; Pmirrorget for downloading a complete web site...

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