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Finnix 93.0 (1 CD)


Ryan Finnie has released Finnix 93.0, a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian's testing branch: "Finnix 93.0 released. It is a maintenance release, but due to the length of time between Finnix 92.1 and 93.0, the time between Debian upstream updates warranted a major version number bump. New features include Linux kernel 2.6.30, and updated upstream software. Vitals: Linux 2.6.30 (based on Debian 2.6.30-5), Debian testing (2009-08-08). Changes: dist-upgrade; upgraded Memtest86+ to 2.11; re-ordered main menu (x86); several fixes related to Debian and Linux kernel upgrades; removed: EVMS (unmaintained upstream, obsolete, low penetration), unionfs-tools (incompatible with current Unionfs), cramfsprogs (not used by Finnix, low need outside Finnix), ftp (use lftp instead).

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