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Parted Magic 4.4 (1 CD)


Patrick Verner has released Parted Magic 4.4, a live CD designed primarily as a hard disk partitioning and data rescue tool: "This new version of Parted Magic has some major updates. Users can now get online with dial-up networking through our 'Start Network' program. Parted Magic is not in the desktop media business, but ALSA sound drivers and ALSA core programs were added if you would like to use a media player. We highly suggest Slackware 12.x packages. Unionfs is now being used for the big directories and Parted Magic's RAM usage, with the default boot option, has been halved - it only takes 256 MB of RAM to run completely from system memory and free up that CD-ROM drive or USB stick. At boot time the SSH daemon is started and public keys are generated, so that's one less thing for people using SSH to deal with. Last but not least, you will notice that Super Grub Disk is now an option in the boot menu."

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