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sEEcher OS 2009 (1 CD)


distro ringan, live sekaligus bisa diinstall, cocok buat komputer misal kelas pentium 3 namun dengan kernel dan fitur teranyar. (base on Debian 5)

The sEEcher OS© is a spin-off of Debian 5.0. It's a system- and data maintenance Live (it can be run from a CD) operating system. I've kept in mind the possibilites what the system may encounter later. With the sEEcher OS© you can even perform online or offline virus scan, if the Windows operating system became unusable after a virus infection. In addition to the basic admin and special tools, you can also find online tools in the system. As development goes on, more and more of these will be added. The system is avaliable in English only (so far).

Features: - Partion management (resize, format, etc...) - Anti-virus functionalities (online - offline) - Management of the installed operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, *BSD, etc...) - Data and partition table recovery - Basic administration X are supported - Check disk consistency, status and health - Safety backup (online mode is also supported) - Network management

Technical informations: - Released: 2009.07.18. - Distribution: Debian 5.0 - Graphical environment: Xfce - Kernel: linux-2.6.26-2 - Package list: packages.lst

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