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Briker "Asia" (1 CD)

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Distro asli dalam negeri spesial untuk membuat server VOIP instan, mudah, dan perkasa. Selain di Indonesia, briker juga sudah digunakan di luar Indonesia, seperti malaysia, singapore, dan srilanka.

Features Below are features bundled on Briker. There are more available on the box once installed and tried. Briker IPPBX Core: * Multiple VoIP protocol supported: SIP, IAX2 and H.323 * Multiple analog and digital telephony device supported * Multiple voice codec supported: ulaw, alaw, gsm, g723, g729 * Multiple video codec supported: h264, h263p, h263, h261 * Voice calling and voice multi-user conference * Video calling and video three-way conference * Receive Faxes and forward them to email or download them * Includes OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Canceller) * Enhanced flash-based operator panel IPPBX Administration: * Outbound and Inbound routing * Analog and digital trunks support * IP trunks support * ENUM lookup support * Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system * Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) * Ring Group * Call forwarding and follow me * Voice recordings * Voicemail configuration * Direct Inward System Access (DISA) * Music on hold * Secure authenticated call termination by pin sets Billing Administration: * Prepaid and postpaid billing * Auto refill balance, recurring service * Multiple currency supported * Call Detail Records (CDR) * Detail call reports * Least Cost Routing (LCR) * Progressive billing * Export report to PDF and CSV * Generate invoices to PDF format Server Administration: * User and grups configuration * Date/time configuration * DHCP server configuration on web * Web based network configuration * Reboot and shutdown server from web

Version "Asia" - 090318 * [pbx] fix PIN per extensions handler, works with CID Num Alias * [pbx] remove codec g723 and g729, use briker-patch to add them * [pbx] remove default playback 1 second silence on macro-dialout-trunk * [pbx] remove MYSQL command on dialplan, macro-dialout-trunk * [pbx] move logo.png, loading.gif and invoicelogo.jpg to BrikerCore * [pbx] modify Billing flow, Account Code required, auth by accountcode * [pbx] modify IPPBX Administration, extension requires Account Code * [pbx] modify default dial options and voicemail setup from General Settings * [pbx] add web-based Zaptel configuration (zapauto module from Xorcom) * [pbx] add Customer Billing Information Site (/apps/customer) * [pbx] accountcode saved on astdb AMPUSER/ * [lin] set automatic genzaptelconf on installation * [lin] init MySQL databases from sql files * [lin] fix initramfs-tools, keep working when one disk is missing (on RAID 1) * [lin] add mdadm to support software RAID

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