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8ix Zenith CE June 2009 + Tutorial (2 CD)


Distro turunan asterisk spesial untuk voip. CD ke 2 berisi panduan instalasi dan konfigurasi.

Asterisk-derived Linux distribution 8ix Zenith CE (Community Edition) is a Linux distribution based on Asterisk for IP telephony applications with a rolling release schedule. 8ix Zenith CE spells not barely an Asterisk derived telephony solution, but the platform that developers and enthusiasts can affirm that Asterisk Technology is the way to go when it comes to Telephony Solution. This is a distro (KahelOS, Asterisk 1.6 and a lot more) that signifies maximizing potentials. Power, optimized to give your machine more transcoding prowess and "FEATURISTIC"; efax and video conferencing are some glits of this free and downloadable distro from 8layer to you. And then in the long run wish to know your views so that together we can make 8ix Zenith CE better and smoother. Now, let's begin you ride and drive to a free and clear communication!

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