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Slax 6.1.1 LiveCD (1 CD)


The amazing and unbeatable Slax 6.1.1 is released. You can rest assured that there will be no more new version during the following two days :) I'll be mostly offline, attending the Linux Expo conference in Czech. What's new in 6.1.1? The most important change is related to IDE_GENERIC driver. In all the previous versions of Slax, it has been compiled directly in kernel, causing it to overlap specific drivers for particular hardware. Due to that fact, you could notice that your SATA devices appeared as IDE (PATA) ones (on some hardware). That would be no problem at all, but what made me really unhappy was the inability to use hdparm and set such devices to support ultraDMA, so the disk drives were terribly slow. This problem is now gone, all SATA disks should be now seen as SATA with full speed. I noticed the problem when I tried to install Slax on Asus Eee Box; if you don't know this incredible piece of hardware, I suggest you to review it, it's simply beautiful. If you're from Czech, come to LinuxExpo tomorrow, I'll have two pieces there so you can touch it :)

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