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Rocks Cluster Distribution 5.2 x86_64 (1 DVD)


Distribusi linux berbasis CentOS yang didesain khusus untuk memudahkan kita dalam membuat cluster komputer dengan performa tinggi / super komputer.

Greg Bruno has announced the release of Rocks Cluster Distribution 5.2, a specialist, CentOS-based distribution designed to make it simple to build high-performance computer clusters: "Rocks 5.2 is released for Linux on the i386 and x86_64 CPU architectures and Solaris for the x86_64 architecture. New features: with the new JumpStart roll one can now install and configure a Linux-based Rocks front-end to 'JumpStart' Solaris-based back-end machines; can assign 'attributes' to nodes at four levels - global, appliance type, OS (e.g., Linux or SunOS), and host; Anaconda installer updated to version; isolated MySQL for the Rocks database under /opt/rocks; fix for software RAID partitioning....
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