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Tiny Core Linux 2.1 (1 CD)


Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of Tiny Core Linux 2.1, a minimalist desktop distribution in 11 MB: "The Tiny Core team is pleased to announce version 2.1 of Tiny Core and Micro Core Linux. Changelog: new modutils results in much space savings; new changed from using initramfs to tmpfs for better support of df and mount bind option; new Squashfs module to prevent spurious Squashfs errors upon boot; new aterm for better interaction with Appbrowser; new waitforX eliminates WM timing issues; new BusyBox 1.13.4 - command line history set to 150; new usbinstall, a command line tool to install to pen drive, USB hard disk drive, USB zip, or USB ext; new upgrade_tce.sh command line script, an extremely conservative batch upgrade script; new added modules hwmon and rfkill for better support of laptops; updated virtual hard drive to support persistent home on a virtual hard drive....

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