⇡ Puppy Artists Workshop

The Puppy Artists Workshop (PAW) 2 (1 CD)


Distribusi berbasis puppy, ringan dan lengkap. Dibuat dengan koleksi beragam aplikasi yang ditujukan bagi para graph designer, photographer dst.

Username: puppy Password: linux System Req.: Recommended:Minimum: CPU 1ghz w/512mb ram >32mb vram Bare Minimum: CPU 500mhz w/ 384mb ram >16mb vram Swap file / partition recommended... Tested on ATI and Intel graphics cards. Included are: Enhanced JWM with Xcompmgr, fading and transparency, and rounded corners.. CPU Scaler Streamtuner Pmusic Blender Blenderplayer The Gimp 2.6.3 Gimp Animation plugin Gimp ufraw plugin Gimphoto Gimageview Fotoxx Gpicview Gtkam Mtpaint 3.2.1 Xpaint Inkscape Blender ImageMagik Phatch Wings3D XaraXL XPaint Cups Sane w/front and back ends Bluefish w/Python Scribus RawStudio Blender Player Ghostscript wxgtk ufraw batch plugin Wine Terragen (in Wine) as well as: Firefox 2.0.12 w/flash9 Gxine 0.5.11 with codecs Gxine plugin for Firefox Latest Mplayer from SVN (no gui) PupTV Conky / Pwidgets PuppyBasic Screensaver Xscreensaver Gslapt Many libs....

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