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TES Platform 2.1.0 Internet Connection Sharing (1 CD)


Punya koneksi internet dan ingin membaginya? Pengen pakai linux yang mudah pengaturannya dan grafis? Pengen buka ISP kecil-kecilan? Gunakan distribusi canggih siap pakai ini, untuk membuat gateway internet connection sharing, lengkap dengan beragam tools yang bisa digunakan ISP besar mulai dari trafic monitoring, qos, bandwidth, speed dst..

TES Platform 2.1.0 - Internet Gateway Router, Bandwidth Manager, Firewall and Traffic Monitor Traffic Engineering Server (TES) is Internet Gateway Router with powerful and easy-to-use Bandwidth Management, Quality of Service, Security, Acceleration, Monitoring and Filtering features. TES solutions are especially suitable for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Broadband and Wireless Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Providing tools to control, analyze, measure and filter TCP/IP traffic, TES helps to share Internet/WAN connection in highly efficient and optimized way increasing LAN performance, security and manageability. Implementation of TES makes it possible to eliminate wide range of throughput bottleneck problems, save expensive Internet bandwidth and thus to increase WAN link utilization efficiency. Typical diagram of the network that is run by Traffic Engineering Server

Traffic Engineering Server is based on self-dependent Linux operating system. Therefore it is possible to convert almost any hardware server into full featured Internet Gateway/Router. Moreover, advanced tools inline with HTML Graphical Management Interface make complex bandwidth management tasks as easy as possible, even for operators with little networking experience and skills. Below are some of key features and capabilities that are brought by TES: * Bandwidth Management: Hard and Burstable Traffic Shaping on Rx and Tx (bi-directional), Smart Throttle Engine, Customizable Bandwidth Allocation Groups, Bandwidth Management by IP hosts' addresses * Quality of Service: 8 Customizable QoS Priority Levels, Layer 7 QoS, VoIP/P2P QoS capabilities, Inbound and Outbound QoS * Transparent Web Cache and Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) * Application Level (Layer7 or L7) Packet Inspection for QoS and Filtering * Web Activity Monitoring, Detailed Traffic Reports, Pie Charts * Integrated Semiautomatic Firewall, Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), IP and/or MAC Filtering * Routing, Advanced Network Address Translation (NAT), Complete DHCP, Port Forwarding * Intelligent HTML Graphical Management Interface, Remote/Local Console Access * One Button Backup/Restore, Backups Download/Upload, Adjustable Ethernet Settings * Automatic Updates, Daily Email Reporting, Fail-safe Operation and more...

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