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IPCop Firewall 1.4.10 (1 cd)


Firewall canggih dengan control panel berbasis web (web based). SCREENSHOT LIHAT DISINI

IPCop Linux is a complete Linux Distribution whose sole purpose is to protect the networks it is installed on. By implementing existing technology, outstanding new technology and secure programming practices IPCop is the Linux Distribution for those wanting to keep their computers/networks safe.

Whats NEW? - upgrade squid to 2.5.STABLE12 - permits user to introduce a delay between vpn launch and IPCop 'connection'. The delay allows dyndns updates to propagate. Usefull when a dyndns name is used for the RED name. Avoid error message "We have no ipsecN interface for either....." - make snort use binary login, more resilient, don't exaust inode with random ip logging - allow dmzholes to use ip/mask instead of ip. Simplify blue->green holes management. - fix transparent proxy on blue broken when transparent on green off sf bug #1327461 - add scheduled shutdown/reboot capability to IPCop (within shutdown.cgi page) RFE 1298996 - VPN fix no default values for advanced options when advanced options not used - VPN correctly display advanced options default values when not set SF 1314801 - VPN add enable/disable pluto debugging option - fix aliases randomly sorted on firt use SF 1290492 - upgrade to apache_1.3.34 mod_ssl-2.8.25-1.3.34 mm-1.4.0 - fix atm modem routed ip start with llc encap - fix atm modem routed ip stop (tested with vc encap) - web backup : tighten security (SF 1344032 / 1344047) - web backup : fix hardware settings always exclude from backup, they should only be optionally include on restore - web backup : fix exclude files not working in 1.4.9 resulting with bigger backup each time, now all file include names are displayed on information box - - revert dhcp server changes made in 1.4.9. Some input boxes may be let empty.
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