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Dead CD Linux 0.4 Final (1 cd)


DeadCD is minimalistic Linux live CD based on Debian that provides a small , fast, feature-rich, and versatile system. It features software for both the command line and X, making it quite usable for different configurations. It includes software such as Mozilla Firefox, MPlayer, Sylpheed, irssi, centericq, OpenSSH, and thttpd.distribution.

0.4 final * UnionFS 1.0.5 - yes, DeadCD is probably the first distro to use UnionFS for 2.6 kernels. * Minor rewrite of mountpoint autodetection * Fixed minor issue with initrd-tools * Nearly doubled list of cards in video.lst * If you do not have a config, startx will run xconf first * Added "exec,suid,dev" options to mountpoints * Fixed looking monitors up in database * Add nmap * Add 855resolution * Add deadinstall to deadtools - HDD installation is now possible easily, however needs still some work * Add homeimage=hda1/root:home.img boot-option * Add rdesktop * Add patch * Add multiple application wizards to DeadEasy * Add ssl support to msmtp * Add hdparm * Some attempt to get boot from USB cd-rom working - possibly won't make it, but at least a good start

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