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OpenEducationDisc 08.10 (1 CD)


OpenDisc adalah proyek kompilasi program-program Windows berhubungan dengan kebutuhan/dunia pendidikan dan bersifat open source yang sengaja dibundel kedalam bentuk CD untuk didistribusikan keseluruh dunia. Untuk informasi lebih lengkap, silahkan baca release notes ini atau kunjungi websitenya di http://www.theopendisc.com/education/

Contents The OpenEducationDisc focuses soley on meeting educational needs of students of all ages. Software has been chosen to address specific IT needs across a wide range of subject areas. The contents of the disc therefore differ from the OpenDisc and are listed below. Office and Design OpenOffice.org - Fully compatible office software for your school work Dia - Make technical diagrams and flowcharts Scribus - Create professional looking posters and magazines GanttProject - Plan your school projects with this project management software FreeMind - Collect your ideas with this mind mapping Software PDF Creator - Make PDF documents from any program Sumatra PDF - Read PDF files quickly and easily Internet Firefox - A safe, secure and fast web browser Thunderbird - Manage your emails better than ever - Reclaim your inbox! Pidgin - Talk to your friends whatever instant message client they use Kompozer - Create web pages easily, without having to code RSSOwl - Keep up with your favourite internet news feeds on your desktop Art and Graphics GIMP - Edit digital photos and create graphics GIMP animation - Create animations Inkscape - Make professional looking vector graphics Blender - 3D graphic modeling, animation, rendering and playback Tuxpaint - Drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 Mulitmedia VLC - Play music, videos and DVDs Audacity - Record, edit and mix music TuxGuitar - Compose your own music Avidemux - Edit movies and add special effects Infra Recorder - Burn your own CDs and DVDs CamStudio - Record your actions on a computer Really Slick Screensavers - Great looking screensavers Science and Mathematics Nasa Worldwind - Discover the earth and other planets GraphCalc - A graphical calculator Guido Van Robot - Learn how computer programs work CarMetal - Cool mathematical modelling tool Maxima - University standard computer algebra system Celestia - Explore the universe in three dimensions Stellarium - A planetarium on your PC Games FreeCiv - Control the world through diplomacy and conquest FreeCol - Discover the ‘New World’ and build an empire TuxTyping 2 - Learn to type like a pro Tux of Math Command - Test your mathematical skills Winboard Chess - The classic game of chess Utilities GTK+ 7zip Abakt Clamwin HealthMonitor Workrave Advanced Internet Httrack Tight VNC Filezilla Azureus WinSCP

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