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Clonezilla Live 1.2.1-17 (1 CD)


Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 1.2.1-17, a Debian-based live CD designed for hard disk cloning and partitioning tasks: "Clonezilla live 1.2.1-17 (stable) released. This release is based on Debian 'Lenny' with Linux kernel 2.6.26. Changes: a simplified Chinese interface was added; an option to reboot or shutdown after clone is finished was added; hardware and software information is saved in a Clonezilla image; an option to generate MD5 or SHA1 checksums after an image is saved was added; running on serial console ttyS0 is supported; some more information will be saved in image directory; when restoring an image, image name and target device are chosen first, then advanced parameters; a new option '-z1p' was added to support parallel gzip program (pigz) to compress image for SMP machines; machine product name is shown before restoring image...

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