K12Linux F10 "Live Server" (1 DVD)


distro LTSP siap pakai, yang dikemas dalam bentuk live dvd berbasis fedora 10, lengkap dengan panduan dan tutorial. Cocok untuk membuat jaringan dengan satu server dan banyak client tanpa harddisk / diskless / client dengan pc pc lama maupun baru

Warren Togami has announced the release of K12Linux F10 "Live Server", a distribution featuring the Linux Terminal Server Project integrated with Fedora 10 in a convenient live USB or DVD media installer: "The K12Linux team is proud to announce the release of K12Linux F10 Live Server. K12Linux allows easy deployment of a Linux terminal server, capable of serving entire networks of netboot diskless clients. Clients login to the central terminal server, where they can use any Linux desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, Xfce) and most desktop applications. The clients are stateless, making them easy to maintain and replace by on-site staff with minimal training. Features: auto-configuration of diskless thin clients; applications like OpenOffice.org or Firefox are typically faster than a standalone Linux desktop; sound is automatically forwarded over the network via PulseAudio; local application support; local storage devices support.

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