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ClarkConnect 4.3 Enterprise Edition (1 CD)


Distribusi linux untuk level enterprise, khususnya server. Dengan beragam fitur namun dengan konfigurasi yang mudah baik console maupun webbased.

Enterprise Edition: The Enterprise Edition is designed for businesses, organizations and individuals who need a commercially supported server/gateway product. The edition provides the full set of server/gateway features including advanced networking and firewalling. In addition, every new Enterprise Edition release is maintained for at least 5 years.

General Information 
License: 	Per server
Restrictions: 	None
Software license and updates (Also available as fixed term license)
Support: 	E-mail-based installation/configuration
Response: 1 business day response (upgradeable)
Software End-of-Life: 	August 31, 2012

Features: # Web-Based User Interface # Auto Software Updates # Stateful Firewall* # Multi-WAN Support* # Intrusion Detection/Prevention* # 1-1 NAT* # DMZ* # PPTP/IPSec VPN* # User & Group (LDAP) # Groupware, Calendaring & Webmail # E-Mail * Antivirus Protection * Dual-Antispam Protection * POP3(S)/IMAP(S) Support * Webmail * Aliases and Maildrop # Web Server # Printer Sharing # File Sharing & Flexshares # SSL Certificate # Server/LAN Backup/Restore

Silahkan pilih evaluation untuk mendapatkan copy software lengkap (full function) dengan masa waktu trial 30 hari, atau pilih pake lisensi. Untuk versi GOLD sama dengan versi STANDARD namun dengan tambahan lisensi untuk Dynamic DNS, Bandwidth Monitoring, Security Audit, Dynamic/Managed VPN, Content Filter Update, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, System Monitor, dan Remote Backup.

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