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Anda punya komputer / pc tua? punya netbook? ingin mencoba distro dengan kernel baru, namun yang tidak berat alias ringan? Cobalah distro ini, yang memang dirancang untuk pc dengan speed rendah. Distro ini juga cocok untuk diinstall di netbook semacam Aspire One dkk. Jika Anda ingin menginstallnya ke dalam USB, silahkan pilih opsi ISO.

Firefly Linux is a brand new Linux distribution designed especially for netbooks and older PCs. Based on Arch Linux, Firefly is inherently small, fast, and customizable. It runs on all types of x86 hardware, with built-in Wifi support for netbooks, laptops, and PCs with Atheros Wifi chipsets

* Works on all x86 processors, not just netbooks * 310MB * Out-of-box Atheros Wifi (commonly found in netbooks) * Boot from USB drive using UNetbootin * Based on Arch Linux * LXDE, for a fast user interface that looks great on netbooks * Custom DPI optimized for netbook screens which looks great everywhere * Auto-detecting X Server for most common video hardware * Easily installable Aspire One kernel from AUR (Link) * Alpha LXLauncher included (lxlauncher from the Terminal)

The default username is “firefly” and the password is “firefly”. The root password is “root”.

Live USB: Boot Firefly using a USB flash drive (512MB or greater). You’ll need to download UNetbootin for either Windows or Linux, along with the ISO below. In the UNetbootin window, choose the “Disk Image” option and point it to the downloaded Firefly ISO.

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