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Userful Live CD 2008-07-31 (Free License) (1 CD)


Ingin membuat satu komputer yang bisa digunakan oleh banyak user? satu pc dengan dua monitor dua keyboard dua mouse , dan dua user atau lebih? silahkan gunakan live cd berbasis linux ini! Cocok untuk internet caffe, sekolah, atau komputer publik.

Just one CD installs everything you need from the operating system and application software to security, desktop control and automated record-keeping. Users have access to 40+ applications in 30+ languages in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With the Userful Desktop (formerly DiscoverStation) you'll never need to pay for software or worry about upgrades, patches or updates. Hundreds of security safeguards are built in so your desktops are unbreakable and hacker-proof. It's not Windows, so there are no viruses, no spyware, and no headaches. Get to know the ease of managed Linux desktops. We manage your Desktops for you remotely. Updates and patches are uploaded to your managed desktops over the Internet. You never have to worry about having the most recent versions of the applications and they're always free. Learn more about how Userful Desktop can improve your managed computing experience in our online video series. Userful Manager screenshot showing unlimited customization Unlimited Customization Once you install Userful Desktop, just customize your desktops with the Userful Managerâ„¢ admin site (formerly Network Personalizer), and forget about them. You can go back any time to change your settings. We even have tutorial videos to help you. If you need to personalize your Userful Desktops further, you can customize them with extra modules. Have up to 10 users working from 1 computer, add specialized device support or customize your print options.

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