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StillSecure Strata Guard Free 4.5 IDS/IPS (1 CD)

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Distro linux khusus untuk firewall, yang bisa sekaligus berperan sebagai IDS (instrusion detection system) maupun IPS (instrusion preventasion system). Handal dalam menghadang serangan dan aktifitas hacking dalam jaringan , semua dikontrol dalam tampilan grafis yang mudah dimengerti.

Strata Guard Free is a feature-rich intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS) that leverages the SNORTĀ® IDS engine. Beyond SNORT functionality, Strata Guard Free offers:

* An award-winning easy-to-use interface * A GUI-driven installation and configuration process * Attack rule updates (immediately available as rules are released) * Configurable per-attack response based on business logic * Ability to prioritize and view attacks based on severity * Multiple intrusion prevention methods, including the ability to drop individual attack packets

The Strata Guard Free IDS/IPS monitors network traffic for attacks. When attacks are detected, Strata Guard Free responds to block the attack and/or send alerts and notifications.

Strata Guard Free provides a range options for responding to attacks including: * Instantaneously dropping attack packets * Blocking the source and/or destination IP addresses * Sending alerts and notifications * Executing custom scripts.

You can configure attack responses to be applied as a global default to all detected attacks, and you can also create specific, tailored responses to individual attacks. Thus Strata Guard Free provides a high level of automated protection and the flexibility needed to respond to attacks in the most appropriate and protective manner.

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