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Mandriva Linux One 2009 RC1 (1 CD)


rilis mandriva 2009 RC1, live cd dilengkapi dengan installer. Didalamnya sudah termasuk openoffice 3 dan firefox versi 3. Lengkap dengan desktop manager KDE 4.1 terbaru. impresif!

mandriva The first release candidate for Mandriva Linux 2009 is out, ready for testing: "Mandriva Linux 2009 Release Candidate 1 is available on public mirrors now. The main new features of RC1 (compared to Beta2) are: automatic repository configuration and mirror selection in package management tools (powered by aria2); ath5k replaces MadWifi for Atheros wireless cards; new graphical theme (backgrounds, screensavers); based on kernel 2.6.27; KDE 4.1.1, GNOME 2.23.91; new design for installer; improved system-config-printer; improved Ia Ora theme for KDE4; others features and bug fixes.

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