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Briker 1.0.2 "OWP" (1 CD)

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Distro linux buatan dalam negeri, khusus untuk VoIP. Direkomendasikan oleh Pak Onno W. Purbo, dan didevelop oleh pakarnya VoIP Bp. Anton Raharja

Code name "OWP" released with couple fixes and new features. No changes on core or other important modules.

This release is to honour one of our colleague, Mr. Onno W. Purbo, our mentor. Happy birthday Indonesia, happy birthday kang Onno.

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Briker IPPBX - VoIP Distro We’re working with IP PBX stuffs lately, and recently finally able to contribute a FOSS solution. We’ve released yet-another VoIP distribution licensed as GPL v3. Eric Pareja suggested me to continue working on Ubuntu, well.. Ubuntu it is, the distro derived from Ubuntu Server 8.04. Introducing Briker to you guys, a Linux distribution focused on VoIP and IP PBX. This Linux distributions contained several popular FOSS applications, they are for example: * Asterisk 1.4 * FreePBX 2.4 * Asterisk2Billing 1.3 * Webmin Above applications accommodated by Briker IPPBX Manager, an application that on this release only focus on putting all stuffs together, especially on GUI and User Management part. Briker IPPBX Manager is currently the core of this Linux distribution. In the future we will develop Briker IPPBX Manager for better integration with other popular VoIP-related applications and bring some of the feature to core. Other currently available Linux distribution focused on VoIP, which I’m sure some of you guys already familiar with, they are: * AsteriskNow * Druid * Elastix * TrixBox * VoiceBuntu As I wrote before, Briker is FOSS licensed as GPL version 3. We decided to choose GPLv3, but we’re sure there are some feature or part of other applications that maybe incompatible with GPLv3. We will resolve this issue later on next releases. Some features already built-in on Briker: Briker IPPBX Core: * Support VoIP protocol: SIP, IAX2 and H.323 * Support analog and digital telephony device * Support voice codec: ulaw, alaw, gsm, g723, g729 * Support video codec: h264, h263p, h263, h261 * Voice calling and conference * Video calling and conference (limited) * Unlimited registered accounts * Up to max. 300 online accounts per server * Up to max. 40 concurrent calls (transcoding) * Up to max. 120 concurrent calls (no transcoding) IPPBX Administration: * Outbound and Inbound routing * Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system * Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) * Ring Group * Call forwarding and follow me * Voice recordings * Voicemail configuration * Direct Inward System Access (DISA) * Music on hold * Secure call termination by pin sets Billing Administration: * Prepaid and postpaid billing * Auto refill balance, recurring service * Multiple currency supported * Call Detail Records (CDR) * Detail call reports * Least Cost Routing (LCR) * Least Cost Dialing (LCD) * Progressive billing * Export report to PDF and CSV * Generate invoices to PDF format Server Administration: * User and grups configuration * Date/time configuration * DHCP server configuration on web * Web based Network configuration on web * Reboot and shutdown server from web You may find more informations, such as Getting Started Guide (english), on Briker’s website: http://www.briker.org Briker delivered as an ISO file where you can download it and burn it to a CD, and install it like you install an Ubuntu Server. File size is 286 MB. Current download server both located in Indonesia, notice the slowness? :) hopes not that bad. If you guys have a spare bandwidth, you may contact me to put your server as mirror download server :) Please. I’ll be happy if you guys can test it or better yet, use it :) WARNING: To simplify installation process, during installation the installer will WIPE OUT THE ENTIRE DISK DRIVE without asking for confirmation. Be careful, make sure that you don’t install Briker on your laptop :) or any other PC with disk drive contains important data. Thats all folks. Enjoy. Happy testing. Thx.

Changelog version 1.0.2 - 080816: * [pbx] billable multi-owner extension, used by hotels for example * [pbx] added ENUM lookup to enum.voiprakyat.or.id and e164.org * [pbx] add PIN configured by each extensions for outbound routes * [pbx] cleanups codes * [pbx] add custom context (multi-tenant dialplans) * [pbx] add day/night module (receptionist override) * [pbx] add paging and intercom * [pbx] add modified Flash Operator Panel Highlights: * Easy ENUM * Easy trunking with VoIP Rakyat * Easy billing devTeam.

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