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F-Secure Rescue CD 3.0 AntiVirus (1 CD)


Windows nya terkena virus? basmi dengan distro linux live cd yg dilengkapi dengan anti virus ini.. We released F-Secure Rescue CD 3.00 beta two weeks ago. After one more development sprint, here’s the actual release of F-Secure Rescue CD 3.00 for you! Rescue CD scans the computer and renames all files containing malware to .virus file extension.

* Rescue CD will by default scan: o all hard drives in the computer o all USB drives attached to the computer o Windows FAT and NTFS drives * Virus definition databases are updated automatically if the computer has an internet connection * Virus definition databases can be updated manually by using a USB drive * The Rescue CD Guide (pdf) has step by step instructions how to use the CD

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