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A new testing version of PUD GNU/Linux, an Ubuntu-based mini distribution with Xfce, has been released: "This is a development version of PUD, but it contains many experimental and new features, including a new installer, new package selection system, enhanced live CD build kit, kernel patches, boot-time speed-up optimisations, and better laptop and mobile device support. This system is based on Ubuntu 8.04 so it may contain bugs. New features: PUD comes with an installer now, as a result, OpenOffice.org and printer support are built in; we patched the kernel with Squashfs LZMA compression and Aufs file system as usual, and also added a patch called OpenLog to help trace the boot process; we introduced two boot-time optimisation methods here - sorted layout and boot gear; PUD will now auto-detect whether you're using a mobile device

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