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Linux Mint 4.0 MiniKDE CE (1 CD)


Daryna KDE CE is out now and ready for download. Note: This is not a KDE 4 desktop. Daryna KDE is nearly as minty as the main edition now. The packages are (safely) upto date and the kernel is the Gutsy Gibbon kernel 2.6.22-14. Mint applications: * mintInstall * mintwifi (new) * mintUpdate (new) * mintAssistant (new) * mintUpload (new, done via konqueror—> right click file-->Actions-->Upload file ) Minted versions of: * Firefox * Sunbird See the main Release notes for info and pictures of the mint applications. We hope you all like the new Daryna Mint KDE CE.

Linux Mint MiniKDE CE (CD) The following applications were removed to fit KDE CE onto a CD: Inkscape, Hugin, Scribus, KMymoney2, K9copy, The Gimp, libicu34, kde-icons-mono, ttf-arabeyes, OpenOffice.org, diveintopython, kde-icons-nuvox, kaffeine, knotes, kdepim*. Some documentation and some wallpapers were also deleted.

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