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Karoshi 5.2 (1 CD)


server linux dikhususkan untuk sekolah. keren.. basis pclinuxos.

After some work we have put the Karoshi demo up on the site, it will allow you to play with the Web Management system. Hopefully it will allow people to test the system and then contact us with ideas and problems. Karoshi is a PCLinuxOS-based school server with a simple graphical interface that allows for quick installation, setup and maintenance of a network. The project announced a new release earlier today: "Karoshi 5.2released. The changes are: remastered on the latest version of PCLinuxOS; main control panels changed to use Ruby so that all features can be seen at a glance; desktop Independence gained by changing from Konsole to Xterm and adding a variable for the file manager; Network Configure scripts changed to check to see if default DNS server is up; network backups - the new version has changes so that backups are kept in current, father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather folders to simplify rotation....

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