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Puppy Linux 4.00 (1 CD)


Barry Kauler has announced the final release of Puppy Linux 4.00, a major updated of the minimalist desktop distribution: "Finally it has happened! The last 'official' release of Puppy was version 3.01, released October 15, 2007. Version 4.00 is happening 6 months later, which is an incredibly long time considering the previous frenetic schedule of releases. A summary of milestones: 4.00 has been totally compiled from source, using the T2-project; GTK+ 1.x and Tcl/Tk abandoned; exciting new GTK+ 2.x applications; scanner support and digital camera support are now built-in to the 'standard' live CD; theming of GTK+, JWM window manager and desktop background has been totally revised; numerous hardware-related and system-related improvements...

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